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I got herpes in 1995. I got depressed. Are you depressed? I know what it's like. I started experimenting with different herbal combinations, and I found a formula that prevented outbreaks. I didn't sell it at first, but in 1999 I started selling it on the net.

Since then I have sold thousands of bottles, all over the world. It costs about 1/10th as much as Valtrex, and many customers say it works better.

Here's something..... I guarantee this product. And Valtrex isn't guaranteed, so think about that.

You can read some testimonials here.

This herbal formula strengthens your immune system, and keeps the virus in remission. You still have herpes, but it never bothers you. You can read how it works here. It works for cold sores too.

It costs about $0.75 per day, and Valtrex costs about 10 times as much.

You can read about the guarantee, and order it here.

With my guarantee you have nothing to lose. If you want to have sex again, you owe it to yourself to try this product. I'll send your money back if you are not happy with it. I haven't had an outbreak in years and years. You can order it safely with paypal. I send all orders promptly, in a tightly sealed, plain package.

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Read testimonials here.

Herpes pictures here.

Find out how it works here.

Free e-book worth $12.95. Confidential. Herpes secrets.
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Phone me or email if you have questions, 604-731-0090

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NOTE: This product is not available in Canada.
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This site will be completely rebuilt soon...

One goal will be to get Herpgesgone into retail outlets.

The main goal will be to promote and sell this product as an immune system booster to help fight off Covid 19 if someone gets infected. There will be no claim of it being a covid cure, or no claim that it will guarantee a recovery from Covid 19 if someone gets infected. Several brand new pages will be made for this.
How to Tell Someone You Have Herpes. It's funny!
Purchase 1 bottle for $60 (A 90 day supply) Price includes FREE shipping!

Note, December 24th. I am very low on stock. I may sell a few more bottles in the new year. I need 4 K to order more, which I do not have. If anyone here wants to be partners on this, let me know. You will get a share of the profits on my next order.