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By Steve C. Clinical Counselor, Hypnotherapist, former herpes sufferer.

The first realization that you have herpes can be very traumatic. Common thoughs are
"I've got an incurable life is ruined!" And you will probably feel a lot of anger
and resentment towards the person who infected you too.

But relax. It's not as bad as it at first seems, and you will be OK again, after a while. The program
presented here, along with the supplemental help described here as well, will enable you to live a
happy healthy life. You will be able to enjoy sexual intimacy again. You will be able to let go of any
feelings of guilt and anger. You will be able to learn from your experience with herpes, and be able
to become a better person for it.

There are a myriad of different articles, books and CD's and videos about herpes. Many of them are
overly long, without very much truly practical information. It is my goal here to give you help to deal
with your problem in a concise and practical format. A famous artist once said, "Less is more."
What this means is that while this online book is short in length, it actually contains an enormous
amount of useful help. It would take you a tremendous amount of time and effort, and considerable
expense, to learn through other sources what you will learn here. I have spent over $20,000 learning
what I am presenting here for you. This online book will save you a lot of time and money.

Everything here is useful in one way or another. You will find that some of what you will learn here
pertains to you directly, and some of it pertains to you indirectly. You may feel that you want to
practice some of what you learn, but not all of it. But I suggest that you at least consider all of what
is presented here with an open mind. THE MORE OF THE PROGRAM THAT YOU ACTUALLY
PRACTICE, THE MORE YOU WILL BENEFIT. I suggest that in the beginnning, you do as much
as you can. Later, after your outbreaks have been in remission for a while, and you feel much
healthier, you can taper off, and just practice those parts of the program which you feel will benefit
you the most. If you have asked what can I do about herpes, this will be invaluable.

After you understand the program, and begin to use it, you will see how it can actually be quite easy
for you to keep your herpes virus in remission, and not be bothered by it. The information contained
here has been found to be helpful in preventinting outbreak sores, and to promoting overall good


1. Using meditation and other methods to reduce stress.

2. Utilizing creative visualization to strengthen your immune system.

3. Using certain dietary supplements.

4. Practicing good dietary and health habits.

5. Dealing with the emotional and mental aspects.

First, let's talk about the relationship of stress to herpes outbreaks. Most people find that they are
more prone to having an outbreak when they are stressed. This is because stress weakens your
immune system. When your immune system is weakened, it gives an opportunity for your ever
present virus to surface. The virus is always ready and waiting for a chance to attack. A weakened
immune system gives it just such a chance. When it surfaces, you experience another outbreak of

Many medical and scientific studies and experiments have verified the connection between stress
and your immune system.

There are three types of stress: physical, emotional, and mental stress.

Let's talk about physical stress first, because it's the most obvious and simplest to deal with.
Physical stress is the result of doing too much with your body in a given amount of time. It's working
to hard. It's not getting enough rest. It's using substances which are harmful to your body. Such
substances include caffeine, alcohol, sugar, tobacco, and food additives. Environmental
considerations come in here too, such as dust, smoke and exposure to the fumes of chemicals and
solvents etc. Loud industrial noise is very fatiguing and stressful to our bodies as well. Sometimes
we experience excessive sound in the form of loud music.

Think about some of the forms of stress which may be in your life now.

(For a one step method to end outbreaks, click HERE.)

I invite you to just examine your life a bit now. Think about your daily activities. You are no doubt
aware of areas of your life that can be slowed down a bit. Are you working to hard? For what? Do
you really need all the things you are working to pay for? Think about reducing your work load,
and other obligations. Think about lightening your financial loads as well. Are you partying a lot?
Do you spend time in smokey bars? Are you eating junk foods? Junk food contains additives,
colorings, and preservatives which stress your body. Are you staying up late? These are all forms of
physical stress which contribute to weaking your immune system.

I needen't mention much here about what to do in this regard. An honest appraisal of your life and
lifestyle will tell you what to do. It is up to you to do what is necessary in this regard. You are the
only one who can do it. No one else can do it for you. Be honest, and start eliminating sources of
stress in your life right now.

Just dropping everything and doing nothing can be one of the most important things you can do now
to help yourself. If you are a very busy person with workaholic tendencies this is not easy to do, but
you can do it with practice. Start with just a few minutes a day if necessary.

Here's a little trick to help you stay on track. Think of the word HALT. Don't allow yourself to get
too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired.

Not getting too hungry is self explanatory. Plan your day. Eat breakfast. Take wholesome snacks
with you if necessary. Stop working BEFORE you get really hungry, to allow the time needed to
prepare or purchase a meal.

And in anger provoking situations, count to 10 and take some deep breaths before blowing up. Or
remove yourself from the situation. Go for a walk, or leave the scene.

We all get lonely sometimes. But if we ANTICIPATE that we might be alone and lonely during a
certain evening or weekend for instance, we can PLAN IN ADVANCE what we can do about it.
Visit someone, or invite someone over. Get busy so you won't feel lonely. Or do activities where
you'll be with others, or get involved with some chores or activities you've been putting off.

And don't get too tired. If something is not finished, and you're tired, REST. You can finish it

Paying attention to reducing your physical stress will help greatly in eliminating your outbreaks.

Getting lots of sleep is important in reducing physical stress. If you have difficulty sleeping, you
can do this.... Stand up straight and stretch your arms out. Rotate your arms in one directing 20
to 25 times. Then rotate your arms in the opposite direction. This will help you sleep.

OK, now let's deal with emotional stress. We have many different emotions. Happiness and joy do
not contribute to a weaker immune system. But anger, resentment, worry, and fear do. These
emotions can cause us to lose sleep, which contibutes to physical stress too.

It is well known that worry causes ulcers. Socrates observed this in ancient Greece, thousands of
years ago. This is probably the best known example of how an emotion can cause a physical
ailment. New researchers say ulcers are caused by a microbe. But what they don't realize is that
stress allows the microbe to flourish.

And what produces emotion? Remember, an emotion is a feeling. And what we think, influences
how we react to certain events or people. This in turn determines the emotion we will be feeling.
Positive, happy thoughts are what we want for a strong immune system.

We have difficulty thinking positive thoughts when we are harboring anger or resentment towards
someone. You may be feeling anger and resentment towards the person who gave you herpes. This
is understandable.

Before we can begin to feel happy thoughts, we have to get rid of the negative thoughts. There is a
lot to this. A full discussion of what is involved cannot be included here. A partial expanation will
have to suffice. The process involves releasing any pent up anger, and forgiving the persons who
have harmed us. You can find help in this regard with a unique book called "Stevie's Big Adventure"
which you can find on the net. This book has a lot on relationships, but it also contains a lot of
information about releasing pent up emotions, and forgiveness, and how the subconscious mind works. 
A certain amount of trust is needed here, but after you read this book, you will notice how
your thoughts (and therefore your emotions) are changing. You will then notice that your outbreaks
stop as well.

The third type of stress we want to reduce is mental stress. What is mental stress? Too much
thinking, and not enough relaxing.

You may want to check out Yoga, or join a guided meditation group. You can also learn some
relaxation techniques from a hypnotherapist. Check online for these additional sources of help in
reducing your mental stress.

Exercise is very helpful in reducing stress. Do something DAILY, for at least 30 minutes. There are
many different activities you can do, solo, or with others. Vary your routine to make it interesting.
This daily exercise does not have to be strenuous, and it is not necessary to get your heart rate up to
a high level. The objective here is to remove yourself from your stressful situation in a pleasant
activity. This in itself is stress reducing. You can do strenuous exercise too, if you check with your
doctor first.

You can join a community activities program, ranging from badminton to tennis, swimming or
aerobics, or anything in between. In these programs you will mostly meet positive people, who are
into a healthy lifestyle, and this can provide motivation as well as a source of companionship and
social activity.

Ealier I mentioned that you could visit a hypnotherapist to learn relaxation techniques. With a
hypnotherapist, you can also learn to release any anger and guilt you may have regarding your
herpes. Remember, unless a cure is found, you will have herpes for the rest of your life. But getting
the help you need to deal with it can go a long way towards having a happy life.

Next we'll discuss how you can use your mind and meditation to help strengthen your immune

The newest branch of medicine is called PSYCHO NEURO IMMUNOLOGY, or P.N.I. for short. In
layman's terms, it's called the MIND/BODY CONNECTION to health. It is now widely recognized
that there is a definite link betweeen how we feel emotionally, and our physical health. Scientists
now know that our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes can alter the level of our hormones and neuro
transmitters, the chemical messengers which communicate between our cells. High stress levels
diminish the activities of anti-bodies and natural killer cells. A shortage of these anti-bodies and
killer cells allows less defense against invading cells or viruses, such as the herpes virus.

The hypothalamus "control center" of the brain is directly "wired" to the immune system. Thoughts
and beliefs are not abstractions, but ELECTROCHEMICAL EVENTS, with PSYCHOLOGICAL
AND PHYSIOLOGICAL CONSEQUENCES. A good attitude can increase our resistance to illness,
while a sense of helplessness can depress our immune system, and lower our resisitance. Exactly
how it happens is still being researched, and is not really important here. But it is known that the
immune system is directly influenced by nerve impulses from the brain, and by hormones that are
increased or decreased by stress reactions.

Herpes outbreaks have been found to recur when people with the virus ANTICIPATE stressful

When social contact is increased, and loneliness decreased, the immune system gets stronger.

isolation and despair will be the result. Your body does "cure" herpes. It is only when our immune
system is weak due to stress or nutrient deficiencies that it is unable to continue this cure. (We can
think of ourselves as being in the "cured state" when the virus is in remission, dormant, and not
bothering us.) This is why it is important to keep a positive attitude, so that your mind can continue
to influence your immune system in a beneficial way. So think, and always keep thinking, that your
mind and body CAN cure herpes. Research has shown that believing you won't have an outbreaks
reduces the chances of having an outbreak. ABOUT HALF OF THE PEOPLE WITH THE
THESE PEOPLE. Hypnotherapy and meditation are very useful in helping to produce this kind of

Using Your Mind to Stop Outbreaks

Your mind and your imagination are two powerful tools which you can use to help end your herpes
outbreaks for good. By using what is called CREATIVE VISUALIZATION, and AFFIRMATIONS,
you can strengthen your immune system, so that it can keep your virus in remission.

The herpes virus, when dormant, is hiding in certain nerve cells called neurons, along the lower
spianl cord in a placed called the sacral ganglia. It waits in this place, until there is an opportunity to
leave this hiding place. Such a time occurs when your immune system is weak.

When these viruses leave their place of hiding, they are met by the protective cells in your immune
system. These "killer cells" may be plentiful, or in short supply.

You can help strengthen your immune system, and produce more of these "killer cells" by the use of
creative visualization. How this is done is actually very simple, and can be done in a variety of
different ways. Your imagination is capable of creating almost unlimited different possibliities.

To use creative visualization, this is what you do......stretch out comfortably, in a quiet, restful place,
and get into a very relaxed state. You can utilize some of the relaxation techniques taught with the
tapes mentioned previously, or other techniques you may learn from other sources. While in this
relaxed state, you then VISUALIZE, FEEL, and IMAGINE your immune system getting stronger.
EXACTLY HOW YOU DO THIS IS NOT THAT IMPORTANT. If your mind is just thinking of
good health for your body, the cells in your body will take the necessary action to produce this good

(For a one step method to end outbreaks, click HERE.)

You might visualize your immune system as being like an army. Perhaps an old army, with swords
and shields, or it can be a modern army if you wish. See it fighting and winning a battle with your
viruses or any harmful cells. Or perhaps you'd rather visualize protector cells enveloping invaders
and swallowing them. Or you can visualize a little gobbler, or friendly shark, eating all the invaders.
All of these methods work. You can create a different method if you wish.

While you are visualizing this, also FEEL and IMAGINE your immune system getting stronger, and
working properly. Perhaps feel a kind of tingling, or warmth, or vibration, or a feeling of strength
and power.

Perhaps visualize and feel a vast communications network, with a central command post and
numerous field posts, like in a military battle. SEE, FEEL, and IMAGINE messages being sent to
the soldiers saying words like "You're OK now. You can fight well now. You have lots of power.
You are winning easily."

You can do this easiest while using the download audio program called STOP HERPES
OUTBREAKS, mentioned earlier. You simply listen to the audio program with headphones while
reclining in a quiet place. No special effort is required.

Doing this WILL help strengthen your immune system, while promoting relaxation at the same time.
You can do this with the audio programs initially, and after you learn the techniques, you can do it
while you go about your regular activities. Exactly how you do it is not important......use any method
which is symbolically appropriate for you.

You can also use certain AFFIRMATIONS to help keep your mind influencing your body in a
positive way. You can write out the following affirmations, 100 to 300 times per day:



If you wish, you can change these affirmations to suite your own style, as long as the basic meaning
is positive and supportive of you being relaxed and free of stress, with a strong immune system.

For even faster progress in this area, write the affirmations out on cards, and put them up all
around your home, workplace, vehicle, etc. Also, say them to yourself, over and over during the day.
The more you do this, the faster your mind will become conditioned towards strengthening your
immune system, helping to keep you free of outbreaks.

If you have an outbreak now.......

This program is designed to PREVENT outbreaks. However, if you have an outbreak now, the
following have been found to be helpful:

1. APPLY ICE, directly to the sores, for 30 to 60 minutes, but do not freeze the skin.

2. A .25% to .5% solution of zinc in water, applied to a sterile gauze pad, and held on the sore is
also helpful. Do after the ice treatment.

3. To reduce the chances of a bacterial infection, apply a 10% solution of providone iodine, twice a
day AFTER the ice and zinc treatments.

4. Apply PROPOLIS CREAM, directly to sores, for faster healing.

5. ALOE GEL, also helps to speed healing. Apply 3 or 4 times per day.

6. L-Lysine (Not to be confused with plain Lysine, or di-lysine) can be taken orally. Take 3000 to
8000 mg, spread over the day, ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. Fats and sugars in the stomach can
inhibit the absorption of L-Lysine. Therefore taking it with fat, sugar, protein, or even fruit juice
may prevent it's absorption.

But as with most things in life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By applying all of
the knowledge contained herein, and conscientiously practicing everything on a regular basis, you
will not have to worry about treating outbreaks at all.

Using Dietary Supplements to Strengthen Your Immune System.

Various supplements are recommended here to help strengthen your immune system. Some are
herbs which have been used for centuries, in places like China. Others are vitamins and minerals.
Some articles I have read say it is OK to take them in much higher doses than noted here. When you
purchase these supplements, the suggested daily dosage is usually printed on the container. When
there is a discrepency, or you are in doubt, use the LOWER RECOMMENDED DOSAGE. It is
your responsibility to use your own discretion in this regard. CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR

1. GINSENG. Available in tablets or tea.

2. A GOOD MULTI VITAMIN. Shop at a health food store for the best brands. Avoid "bargain"

3. A high quality "B COMPLEX" vitamin pill. B vitamins are needed more when we are under
stress. Again, shop at a health food store for the best brands.

4. VITAMIN A, or better yet, BETA CAROTENE, which is vitamin A in a different form. Take
vitamin A as directed on the bottle, and take 10,000 I.U. of Beta Carotene 2 to 3 times per day.

5. VITAMIN E. Take 400 I.U. daily.

6. VITAMIN C. Best type is slow release type. Using a type of vitamin C with BIOFLAVENOIDS
helps increase the absorption. Take 500 mg, 3 or 4 times per day.

7. IRON & ZINC. Take as directed on the bottle.

8. PYCNOGINOL. This is an anti-oxidant or free radical scavenger.

9. ECHINACEA. A herb, usually purchased in capsules. Take one capsule with each meal, 3 per
day. Also available in liquid form.

10. TAHEEBO TEA. Also called BRAZILIAN HERB TEA. Take 2 or 3 cups per day.

11. GARLIC. Eat 2 to 5 cloves sliced very thinly per day, or use this amount raw in meals. Cooking
garlic reduces it's potency. Or, if you wish, you can also take garlic capsules, which have no odor.

12. AMARANTH CEREAL. Available in health food stores.

13. CHLORELLA and SPIRULINA. Both available in health food stores.

14. GINKGO BILOBA. A herb, available in capsules.

18. HERPESGONE. A special combination of 9 herbs to strengthen your immune system. If you
want to minimize your purchases, and keep things simple, use this herbal formula. It is also much
cheaper to order this product than trying to make the formula yourself. You can order it here.

NOTE: All vitamins should be taken with meals. Certain amino acids, enzymes, and proteins are
needed in the intestinal tract for proper assimilation. Many vitamins are simply washed through
your system if not taken with food.

Certain substances produce PHYSICAL STRESS in our bodies. Avoid or eliminate (at least for a
and ALCOHOL. This might not be easy to do, but after you have done it for a while you'll see that it
is worth it. Sleeping better, and having more energy are two benefits you'll receive while you reduce
the chances of having a herpes outbreak.

Practicing Good Dietary and Health Habits. As mentioned previously, L-Lysine is useful in healing
outbreaks. This amino acid is contained in many foods, some foods having more of it than others.
The following foods are HIGH in natural L-Lysine, and you should eat more of them:

(In descending order).......Fresh fish, canned fish, chicken, beef, milk, lamb, pork, cheese, cooked
beans, dry cottage cheese, brewers yeast, shellfish, soy beans.

Limit the use of OILS and FATS during cooking, and THOROUGHLY TRIM ALL MEATS to
maximize the absorption of the L-Lysine found in these foods.

There is an amino acid which has the opposite effect of L-Lysine. In other words, it may CAUSE
herpes outbreaks. This amino acid is called ARGININE. You should avoid arginine rich foods, such
as the following:

(In descending order)....Hazel nuts, Brazil nuts, PEANUTS, walnuts, almonds, chocolate, peanut
butter, sesame seeds, cashews, carob powder, coconut, pistachio nuts, and buckwheat flour. Be
aware that peanut oil is used in many products, from fast foods, to convenience foods, and is in
salad dressings etc.

Herpesgone Homepage.

The Legal Aspects of Suit or not to Suit.....

Here are some points to consider if you are interested in filing suit against the person who gave you

QUESTION: Can you win your case and get a lot of money in damages?

ANSWER: You can quite possibly win the lawsuit, and be awarded damages which may or may not
be high, but you may not be the winner.

Here's how it goes: You file suit agains the person who infected you. Depending on the
circumstances, and the state or province you live in, you may have an easy time or a difficult time
winning in court. If it was with someone you hardly knew, the court may rule that since sex with a
virtual stranger is inherently risky activity, both participants "assumed the risk" of catching a
disease. And some courts have suggested that each partner has an obligation to ASK THE OTHER
PARTNER specific questions about disease, and that failure to ask precludes a lawsuit. But for the
most part, the law seems to be on the side of the person who catches the sexually transmitted
disease from a sexual partner who knew that he or she was infected, but did not volunteer the fact.

OK, so you decide to go to court. Remember, courts are generally open to the public. So everyone
will know that you have herpes. Do you want that? Suppose that the person who gave you herpes
may have at some time after the infection occurred admitted he or she had herpes before you had
sex. In court, this person may deny it, and in fact claim that YOU gave him or her herpes! Now you
might say, but he/she is not that kind of person. True. But his or her lawyer may be that kind of
person. You might be able to gain medical records to prove when the person got herpes. But you
may not, because the person concerned may have received medical treatment at a clinic or with a
doctor under a false name. In court the defendants lawyer will be entitled to ask all kinds of
questions about your sexual many partners you've had....and when etc. You may then
have to prove that you didn't get herpes from any of them, which may not be easy to do. Now it IS
possible that you can win, and be awarded monetary damages. But you should be fully aware of the
process involved.

There are two other possiblities: The first is to settle out of court. There will be two lawyers fees to
consider, and you will have to at least appear ready to go to court if necessary. This may be a bigger
bluff than you are willing to assume. The next possibility is to file the lawsuit using only your initials
and the initials of the person who infected you. You can ask the other person's lawyer to keep the
lawsuit confidential. (Though word can still get around quickly enough.) Or perhaps you can get the
other person to agree to go to court in another city or town.

Someone thinking of suing you will have to consider all of this as well.

Keep in mind that I am not a lawyer, and this should not be your sole source of information to use
before making any decision in this regard. You should seek the advice of a lawer if you are being
sued, or if you are thinking of suing someone else.

(For a one step method to end outbreaks, click HERE.)

Coping With Herpes

Coping with genital herpes puts a strain on people in different ways. The major concerns usually
involve relationships. Most people are concerned about telling a potential sexual partner, and if the
potential partner does not have herpes, there is concern about protecting the partner from infection.

Having genital herpes (HSV) can also affect one's self image, which can affect how we are with
friends, acquaintances, and fellow workers.

There are 4 stages of adjustment to having herpes:

1. The first stage, experienced shortly after diagnosis, is called denial. Many people refuse to accept
the diagnosis. Thoughts might be...."It's not true. This can't be happening to me."

2. The next stage is resistance. You may resove to fight the diesease. You may say, "There's no
cure, but I'll find something that will work for me." You will probably feel anger, at the person who
gave you the infection, or at others for not understanding how you feel. You may feel anger at the
world, or at God, thinking "Why me?" It is during this stage that many people seek help, such as
that found at support groups.

3. The third stage is called affirmation. During this time, it is common to grieve the loss of real or
imagined romances and/or sexual freedom. This is a time to rearrange priorities, and to make
behavorial changes.

4. The last stage is integration. This is when we come to terms with the infection. We begin to
integrate the information we have and to make changes in our lives.

If you do a bit of thinking concerning how much anger you have, and how you feel about
relationships, you will be able to determine which stage you are presently at. It is common to feel
depressed, and to go through periods of social isolation.

The most important thing you can do to help cope with your herpes is to get emotional support. It
has been found that social support is a key to reducing the number of outbreaks. A good way to get
this support is through a group. You can join a group, by contacting one which may be found in your
phone book. Look in the white pages under "Herpes" or on google.

If you want to form a group, you can place an ad like the sample below. The best place to put the ad
is in the "Personal" section of local weekly papers.

Sample Newspaper Ad

Herpes? You're not alone. Help is available. Mutual support by phone or meetings. Confidential,
anonymous. Free information by mail. 999-0000

Questions and answers about herpes.

CAN HERPES CAUSE CANCER? There is some limited evidence to suggest that it MIGHT. Some
statistical studies have shown a higher than average incidence of cervical cancer in women who
have herpes. Other studies show that sexual activity in general, especially with numerous partners
also increases the incidence of cervical cancer. There is no definite answer to this question.

ARE HERPES AND AIDS RELATED? Herpes is not related to AIDS. However, having AIDS
means a complete breakdown of the immune syste. Herpes is a common complication to those who
have AIDS, but it is only one of many complications.

CAN HERPES CAUSE STERILITY? No, but other sexually transmitted diseases can. They are
gonorrhea and clymadia. Luckily, both of these infections are treatable.

WHAT TRIGGERS OUTBREAKS? The known trigger factors include the menstrual cycle,
physical and emotional stress, other illnesses, sexual intercourse or masturbation, especially with
prolonged activity and lots of friction. Outbreaks can also be triggered by certain medications,
injuries, and sunburn. Every person is different.

CAN HERPES CAUSE IMPOTENCY? A man must be in the mood emotionally to have an
erection. If feelings of anger, guilt, sadness or other emotions are present, even if it is at a
subconscious level, this will obviously detrimentally affect one's emotional mood. When these
feelings are overcome, any impotency should disappear.

CAN HAVING HERPES BE FATAL? Yes. However, it is very rare. It seems to only happen to
those with weak or unhealthy immune systems.

CAN HERPES CAUSE HEADACHES? Yes, on occasion during a primal outbreak. A headache
can also signal the onset of another outbreak, once you have already passed the primal stage. Be
aware that a prime cause of headaches is sugar time you have a headache,
track back what you ate 8 to 30 hours before. Chances are sugar or chemical additives are to

BEFORE I FIRST NOTICED IT? Yes. Your initial infection may have passed unnoticed. Later, a
trigger factor like those mentioned earlier, may have caused a noticeable outbreak of sores. Herpes
is frequently misdiagnosed by doctors. In women, herpes is sometimes diagnosed as a yeast
infection, or bladder infection. Antibiotics are frequently prescribed in such cases. As the problem
then goes away in 7 to 10 days, the diagnosis is thought to be correct.

likes to find an easy way to enter a body.....this is usually a mucus membrane, as on the genitals, but
it can also enter through mucus membranes in your mouth and eyes. It is obvious that kissing a child
for instance, could spread the virus to the child, if the kiss is lips to lips. Theoretically, if you kissed
a child's hand, and the child touched it's mouth, a transmission of the virus could occur. A touch to
an open cut or sore, or crack in the skin, can also be a place of possible infection. There is no solid
evidence that herpes can be spread by toilet seats, water slides or hot tubs. But obviously it is not
wise to share towels or underwear with others, to avoid this possible risk.

CAN HERPES BE SPREAD BY KISSING? Yes, but it appears to be unlikely if no obvious sores
are present. About 80 percent of the adult population has type 1 herpes, which is oral herpes. Long
before you received your genital herpes, you probably already had type 1 herpes, or cold sores. The
virus has probably been dormant in your body since you were a child. So there is probably no need
to refrain from kissing, if common sense is sores present in either person.

CAN I HAVE A BABY IF I HAVE HERPES? Yes, you can. (If you're a woman!) The delivery
method may be natural, through the vagina, or if an infection is evident at the delivery time, a
ceasarean section may be performed. You CAN have a healthy baby if you have herps. Doctors
experienced with herpes may follow these guidelines: If there are no lesions or symptoms of active
infection near the birth canal at the start of delivery, a normal vaginal birth may be recommended.
Vaginal births are safe in the vast majority of cases. If there is evidence of an outbreak a ceasarean
section may be performed. Discuss this with your doctor, or call a helpline.

CAN I SPREAD MY HERPES IF NO SORES ARE PRESENT? This question is still being
debated. Precautions are in order. This is because it is possible to have an outbreak, and not be
aware of it. Also, there is something called ASYMPTOMATIC SHEDDING, that you should be
aware of. This means that you may be shedding or releasing the virus, with no symptoms of an
outbreak present. It appears that the risk is low, but it is still a risk to be aware of. FOR MYSELF,
I believe that when my immune system is very strong, I will not experience any type of outbreak, not
even an asymptomatic outbreak, so therefore I cannot infect anyone else. However, it is best for you
to educate yourself in this area, and then make your own decision. For the latest information
contact the world renowned herpes research center at The University of British Columbia.
604-822-7576. They can answer other questions as well.

WILL CONDOMS PREVENT THE SPREAD OF HERPES? Using condoms can definitely reduce
the risk of spreading the virus. However, using a condom does not gurantee this. Common sense will
be of great benefit here. IE: The consom must be put on BEFORE any sexual touching occurs. It
protects only around the penis, or where the penis touches, but does not protect other mucus
membrane, such as near the eyes, anus, or mouth. The best type of condom to use are those
containing a spemicidal agent known as nonoxynol-9. This substance hs been designed to kill sperm,
but it also kills the herpes virus, and can provide extra protection in the event of breakage.

If you take good care of yourself, herpes will not be a problem for you. Everything suggested here
will definitely contribute to overall good health, and reduce or eliminate herpes outbreaks.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Herpes can spread to your eyes, causing blindness. Avoid touching near
your eyes or your patner's eyes if you've touched your genitals. Your eyes have natual anti-viral
chemicals which usually kill herpes viruses, but these chemicals may be in short supply UNDER
may want to consider doing the following......after making love, get up and wash your hands
thoroughtly with soap and water. Soap kills the virus. Then wear underwear or pajamas when you

If the herpes virus enters the eye, it is called OCULAR HERPES, and can be painful and dangerous.
New research by doctors at Mount Sini Medical Center may soon be able to provide relief as well as
prevent long term damage to the eyes from ocular herpes. The new formula is applied directly to the
eyes, and is now being used as part of a nationwide study of Herpetic Eye Disease. Ocular herpes, if
untreated, can lead to a permanent loss of vision.

This program can lead you in a new direction in your life. A path leading to complete health and
happiness. So far we have covered the mental and physical aspects of traveling along this path. Next
we'll learn about some of the emotional aspects of dealing with herpes in a healthy way.

(For a one step method to end outbreaks, click HERE.)

Herpes: The Emotional Aspects.

Having herpes is not the end of the world. To most people, it means a change of lifestyle. And after
the changes are made, many people realize it is a new style of living which they like better than their
old style. It can help promote more honesty and intimacy in a relationship, and better overall health
and fitness.


It is better to be honest right from the start in developing a new relationship. This does not mean
that one has to tell a potential partner within the first 10 minutes that he or she has herpes! Take
your time, get to knw the other person first. Pretend that you are dating the way they did in the old
days. (Which may have been a good idea all along.) Then, when the time is right, start talking about
yourself. Perhaps you might say something like........

"Well, I don't have any infections which I could pass on to you. I have had herpes outbreaks before,
but I haven't had one for over 12 months. And usually I can tell ahead of time if I am going to have

Use your imagination. Relax. If it is someone you like, and who likes you, the right time and place to
mention it will appear.

It is important that you tell your partner you have herpes before you begin any sexual activity. For
one thing, it is your legal responsibility to do so. (See legal notes.) This allows your partner to make
an informed choice, and will prevent future misunderstandings. It will also reduce the chance of
future legal action.

If you keep this a secret from your partner you will run into problems:

1. Not telling is a form of lying. A healthy relationship cannot involve lying. And living with the lie
will contribute to other problems in your relationship.

2. There may be a low risk of you infecting your partner, but there is always that possibility. If this
does happen, and you never told your partner beforehand, there may be much anger in your partner.
This might destroy the relationship, and cause you to feel a lot of guilt. There are legal ramifications
too. But if you discuss your herpes beforehand (and perhaps have the person concerned read this)
transmission of the virus, if it does happen, will probably be met with understanding.

A potential partner will appreciate that you have discussed it first. It shows that you care. If it
causes your new acquaintance to say good-by, then be glad of this! This is not someone who would
stand by you when more serious problems or illnesses occur. Discuss your herpes after trust has
been established, and before you have sexual relations. It will be difficult to discuss after
establishing a sexual relationship, and may cause hard feelings afterwards.

(For a one step method to end outbreaks, click HERE.)

Take time to educate your partner. He or she may have a lot of wrong ideas about what herpes is
really like. Don't say...."I've got some bad news....." Ask what your partner may know about
herpes, and encourage questions. Have some good literature on herpes to refer to during this
discussion, or give it to him or her to read later.

By taking the time to do this, you will keep your self respect. And the other person concerned should
respect you for this too. If he or she does not, it is probably best to move on. There are many nice
people in the world who will love you and respect you in spite of your herpes.

If you are still anxious about your herpes, even if you are not having outbreaks, you will find that
hypnotherapy will be of great benefit to you. It can help you let go of any remaining guilt or anger,
or negative thoughts which may be causing internal emotional conflict. (And therefore stress.) Don't
hesitate to get extra help in this area if you feel you need it.

I have produced this program with the sincere intent that it be of great benefit to you. I have spent a
great amount of time researching it, and condensing it, so that you can use it easily, without
excessive reading or effort. At first it might seem like a big effort to do everything suggested here.
But keep in mind that you don't have to do all of it forever. After your herpes has been in remission
for a while, you can gradually start to cut down on some of the supplements, retaining the simpler,
(and cheaper) supplements and foods. But be sure to retain your exercise and stress management
programs. And continually expand your self improvement program to keep it fresh and interesting.
By doing so, you will find yourself feeling much more optimistic and confident.

Thank you for taking the time to read it all. I wish you health and happiness.


If you have comments regarding what you have read here you can email me.

To print this online version, you will need about 18 sheets of paper.

Doing all of this really does work. I know it is more than most people want to do. If you are
desperate enough you will do it. Start with the easy parts. By far the simplest thing you can do is to
use Herpesgone, my herbal formula. It is the easiest way to prevent outbreaks, and I sell it with a
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To print this online version, you will need about 18 sheets of paper in your printer. NOTE: This
program formerly sold for $12.95 as an ebook. It is also for cold sores.

The information contained herein is the result of work done with various clients who were suffering
from herpes outbreaks, as well as a lot of reading and research through numerous books and
periodicals, and discussion with knowledgeable persons. The information was compiled over a
period of 8 years from a great variety of sources. All the information presented here is believed to be
true, but it must be remembered that the author is not a doctor, and this is not medical advice.

Consult with your doctor before using any information presented here.