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Does wearing a bikini cause
herpes? Does shaving or waxing
your genitals cause herpes? It
can, details here.

Shaving or waxing your genitals can
increase the chances of you getting herpes.
Or if you have herpes, it can cause it to
spread from a smaller area, to a larger area.

This is because when you shave or wax,
you create small wounds, which provide a
place for the virus to enter your skin. This
is evidenced by the redness which you see
after shaving or waxing. After a day or two
the redness may not be as apparent, but the
wounds are still there.

It is not until a hair starts growing from the
wound, that your skin again becomes
"sealed" and less likely to be a place that
herpes can "land" and become an infection.

Pubic hair has a purpose. It provides a
cushion against friction. Friction can cause
skin abrasion, or a "wounded area" which
becomes an entry point.

Pubic hair is natural, and nothing to be
ashamed of or embarrassed about.

No matter which hair method is used,
whether it be razors, electric shavers,
waxing or tweezers, the hair will grow
back. It growing back is nature wanting to
protect you like you were before.

Consider this.... for surgery, surgeons are
now leaving hair alone, and not shaving as
they did before. If necessary for the
operation, they use electric clippers, instead
of shaving. They do this because it reduces
the risk of different infections.

Being bare down there is a fashion or fad
which will pass in time. Being natural is
safer. It is also a lot less work and expense!

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