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SURVEY NOTES: A while ago I emailed 565 of my past customers, and asked the question, "Has Herpesgone been helping you?" The results I got back are:

86.6 % said YES

3.4 % said NO

10 % said NOT SURE

The 565 customers surveyed where the last 565 customers I had in my emails who had ordered by email or pay pal. They were not hand picked in any way.

It is hard to say how accurate this survey is, but it is quite clear that for most people, these herbs are very beneficial.
There are 9 herbs in this formula. The herbs strengthen your immune
system, which keeps the virus in remission. When your herpes virus is in
remission, it is dormant, and it does not bother you. By comparison, you
probably had the "Mumps", chickenpox or measles when you were young.
If so, then the viruses are still in you, but dormant and in remission. When
is the last time you thought about your chickenpox or measles? The same
can happen for you with your herpes virus.

The herbs in the formula are: ASTRAGALUS, CHINESE RED GINSENG,
OVATA and GINGER. The herbs work together synergistically, more
effectively than if taken separately. They are also more convenient to use in
easy to swallow capsures. You just take the herbs, and your outbreaks stop.
Your herpes gone at last.
The Herpesgone formula. How to date if you have herpes.
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Purchase 1 bottle for $60 (A 90 day supply), 2 bottles for $110, 3 bottles for $160. Prices include FREE shipping!
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